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Title: Snake Travel from West to East (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Elizabeth Katakarinja
Price (AU): $350.00
Title: Rain in the Desert (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Angelo Burgoyne (Judda)
Price (AU): $1 450.00
Title: Little Sisters Town Camp - Inarlenge (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Maureen Mulda
Price (AU): Call for Pricing

Title: This is Water Dreaming (acrylic on linen)
Artist: Mary Nabraula
Price (AU): $450.00
Title: Sandhills in the Desert with Waterholes (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Angelo Burgoyne (Judda)
Price (AU): $380.00
Title: Star Dreaming (Yanjirlpiri Jukurrpa)
Artist: Alma Granites Nungarai
Price (AU): $150.00

Title: Kanakurlangu (Belonging to Ceremony Sticks) (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Robin Granites Japanangka
Price (AU): $850.00
Title: Womens’ Cultural Body Painting (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Elizabeth Katakarinja
Price (AU): $550.00
Title: Untitled (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Katie Curley
Price (AU): $430.00

Title: This is Damper Seed Dreaming (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Mary Nabraula and Allan James
Price (AU): $450.00
Title: Grey Bird Bush Turkey Dreaming
Artist: Cheryl Walker Nakamarra
Price (AU): $700.00
Title: Spirit of Serpent Man (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Lawrence Karpa Jangala
Price (AU): $500.00

Title: Makuntji- Tilau's Father's Country (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Tilau Nangala
Price (AU): $750.00
Title: Bush Medicine (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Peggy Martin (Napangati) Napanardi
Price (AU): $160.00
Title: Collecting Bush Tucker (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Edith Pitjarra Hanlon
Price (AU): $450.00

Title: Horses Drinking Water
Artist: Bessie Liddle
Price (AU): $550.00
Title: Grandmother’s Journey (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Marie Napurulla
Price (AU): $280.00
Title: The Seven Sisters (acrylic on linen)
Artist: Anawari Mitchell
Price (AU): $600.00

Title: Mt Charlott with Water Hole
Artist: Leeanne Walsh
Price (AU): $130.00
Title: Rain Dreaming and Waterholes (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Elizabeth Katakarinja
Price (AU): $350.00

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We purchase all artworks directly from the Artists (who painted them), or from Community Art Centres.

The information about artists vary greatly, and mostly, this information is provided by the artists themselves directly.  Artists also vary greatly in the way they talk about themselves and their artworks.  There are often limits they have from their families and community, about how much, and what they can say about the iconic images, and symbols in their artworks.  The works and biographies of well known artists are more widely available, whilst new and emerging artists don't have a large work biography.  As individuals, artists can be reserved, shy, or, outgoing and prolific in their stories "yarns" and life histories. There are various levels and / or interest (or confidence) in English language usage and skills.  In the majority of Indigenous Central Australian communities, English is usually not the first spoken language.

All of the paintings in this collection of artworks, come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" issued by IDAH (us), or by the Art Centres from which we have acquired artworks.
The Certificates of Authenticity, or Certificate of Provenance provides information about the Artist and the Artwork.
Although the Certificates vary, they usually have an image of the artwork;  title of artwork; and name of the artist;  and some information about the artist and the artwork.  
Our Certificates have an image of the artist with the completed artwork, and some basic, or more detailed information about the artist and the painting, (with a couple of exceptions).  
Artists sign their paintings, usually on the back of the canvas, whilst some others sign on the front.  Usually they print their name, and community, and date.  They will often write some of the story, and/or explain the icons and their meanings.  This depends on how much detail of their Dreamtime stories and images they can talk about.


All the artworks on this website are owned by IDAH.   The images produced by IDAH, are for the purposes of introduction of the paintings and the artists, and for the selling of their artworks.
Copyright of artworks displayed, belongs to the  individual artists who painted them.
IDAH is committed to ethical business practices in the promotion and sale of indigenous artworks, and we respect and uphold, that copyright of any artwork displayed on this site, remains with the artists.  IDAH upholds the practice of royalty payments to artists with on-sales of their artworks.
No reproduction of artworks displayed on this website  can be made without the artists' permission.  No reproduction, copying, storage or retrieval or transmission of images, text, photographic images, graphics, animations, video, audio on this website is permitted without written permission from IDAH proprietors.




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