About IDAH

This website is about some very talented and fantastic Australian Indigenous Artists, working together with Katalina, to take their stories and artworks to new and different places in Europe.

About Katalina Mindszenty
I am "fully imported" from Hungary to Australia, at a very early age, so I grew up here.  Along with my parents, I was given Australian Citizenship in Melbourne as a young girl.  A few years later, in the late 80's  I was also provided with the precious gift of Citizenship by Indigenous friends from the Lands Council in Far North Queensland.  That was during my work in communities there at the time, which were very special and exciting times, with new discoveries for me, about very special people and their culture in FNQ.  I am passionate about exploring different and diverse cultures, and have worked for several years in cross cultural environments in Melbourne, FNQ, Sydney and Central Australia.

Central Australia
I used to work in Pitjantjatjara Communities (Anangu Pitjantjatjara lands) between 1998- 2003 (Kanpi (locum) briefly, then 4 years for Tjurma Homelands Council (based at Amata).    At that time, the Tjurma Homelands artists were producing  some very good quality paintings and wanted to find new and different outlets, especially overseas ones.   I bought a nice selection of smaller paintings to take as presents to friends and family.  They were popular, and impressed most people who saw them. The gift recipients were very happy with them and proudly displayed them in their homes. They wanted to see more, and to buy some of these artworks.
When I got back and talked to some of the artists,  I showed them photos of people over there and promised them that I will take some of their paintings to sell in my old country.  
That was a few years ago, much has happened since that time, and I have returned to Alice Springs, to do that.  
Now I am getting to know a good variety of Central Australian artists from different communities, who are also very happy to introduce their art and culture to more new people in Europe, including Hungary, my original homeland.

Gradually, some of them will take a more active role in this website, sales, and developing it towards an Artist shareholder enterprise.  
To this end I have been asked to become involved in a business training course in this area.  But its early days, and more about that in a few weeks' time.

We have made videos and films with the Artists, and will feature them too, in About Us, as we further develop this website.


Katalina Amata & musgrave ranges from mail plane

Amata & Musgrave Ranges from mail plane

Desert road to Tjurma Homelands
Judda & katalina
Desert road to Tjurma Homelands

Judda & Katalina

On the way to Alice Springs Red dust storm along road to Alice Springs
On the way to Alice Springs

Dust storm in the desert

Water in the desert after big rain & floods With Tjurma artists at their art exhibition in Sydney
Water in the desert after big rain & floods

With Tjurma artists at their art exhibition in Sydney

With artist Barbara Reid Katalina's birthday party
With artist Barbara Reid

Katalina's birthday party at Tjurma Homelands HQ




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