Don Goodwin

*  Daniel Goodwin was born at Kenmore Part Station (ErnabellaSA) in 1947.  He was taken away from is family at the age o 5 and sent to a home in Port Augusta, where he went to school until he was 15 years old.  He returned to the Centre to look for his mother, and it took him 4 years to find her.  He had two brothers and one sister, and never saw or met his father.  
Dan was taught to paint by the sons of Albert Namatjira, Enos Keith and Ewald, but then went on to develop his own unique style.
One of his first awards was the 1968 “Adelaide Aboriginal Artist Award” for his watercolour “Paterson Ranges” WA.  Dan has had numerous exhibitions in NSW and won a number of awards, including the “Best Aboriginal Painter of the Year”.  In 1991 he also won the “Red Ochre Award” .  Included among his award winning paintings were a number of landscape works and “Goanna Laying Eggs” (a painting in traditional dot style).
In 1992 an exhibition was held in Alice Springs where Dann’s paintings were sold by auction to raise funds to send school children on holidays.
Over the years, Dan has travelled widely in Australia, selling his paintings and spreading the knowledge of his homelands region.  Dan’s paintings have been sold to people from all around the world, with one large painting sold in 2001 to an oversease buyer for $125,000.  An exhibition of Dan’s works was hed in Melbourne i 2004, opened by Governor General, Major Michael Jeffrey.

*this information was supplied directly by the Artist for the purposes of Authenticity

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Title: East of Alice Springs (acrylic on linen)
Artist: Don Goodwin
Price (AU): $1 100.00
Title: Docker River NT (acrylic on canvas)
Artist: Don Goodwin
Price (AU): $1 800.00

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